Trivia Question

Country music legend, Willie Nelson, has a Martin N-20 Classical guitar named what; 

Trigger, Lucille, Blackie, or Old Boy? 



Tuesday Trivia Night Rules



Team size is one to six persons. 

Prior to the first question:

  • Select a captain for your team. The team captain will be responsible for the answer sheets and recording answers.
  • Write your team name and round number on each of the answer sheets.
  • On the answer sheet, predict how many correct answers you think your team will score of the 50 trivia questions. In case of a tie for first place, the team with the closest estimated score without going over will be the winner.
  • Entry fee is $2 per person. Each team captain is responsible for paying the Trivia Master.
  • First place team receives 75% of total entry fees for that night. Second place team receives 25%. Any other prizes will be announced by the R45RH Trivia Master prior to the first question.
  • The trivia competition will consist of 50 questions: two rounds of 25 questions each round.
  • One point will be awarded to each team for every trivia question answered correctly.
  • No one is allowed to use cell phones or any other internet-connected device that allows them to search for answers. All answers have to come from the team members themselves, without any outside help from anyone or anything.
  • R45RH Trivia Master’s decisions will be final. Debating of answers is not allowed. If the Trivia Master makes a mistake, it will be consistent and standings will not be affected.
  • Correct spelling on the answer sheets is not required, except for spelling questions. All answers must be legible.
  • More than one answer per question will automatically be scored as incorrect unless there are actually multiple answers. 
  • Answer sheets will be collected and distributed to other teams for scoring at the completion of each round. The team captain will be responsible for checking answers.
  • To help improve Tuesday Trivia Night at Rick’s 45 Roadhouse, we reserve the right to revise, add, or delete rules from week to week.