Isn't it time to be your own boss and make great money?

Rick’s 45 Roadhouse opened in May 2009 and since that very first day it has been a highly profitable business. Rick’s 45 Roadhouse is best known for its great atmosphere inside and out, its fantastic burgers, wings, and pizzas, its awesome staff of bartenders, and its ice cold beverages. Rick’s 45 Roadhouse has a very diverse customer base, which is a huge number of customers who are locals and because it’s located right on state Highway 45, it has always been a stopping point for the countless number of people traveling to the Wisconsin North Woods.

Rick and Jeremy have decided it is time put Rick’s 45 Roadhouse up for sale and to move on to another chapter in life, whether that be retirement for Rick or maybe another business venture. Time will tell.  

Buying Rick's 45 Roadhouse is a fantastic opportunity to own a highly profitable, well-established, turnkey business, that is in a perfect location and still has ample room for continued growth.

Included in the sale is the real estate (buildings and 1-1/2 acres), kitchen and bar equipment, indoor and outdoor furnishings, televisions, décor (minus a few personal items), software for tracking financials, jpeg advertisements, website/domain, Facebook page, employee handbook (SOPs), and 40 hours of training. Liquor/beer and food inventory is negotiable at the time of sale. Some neon signs are the property of beer distributors. Gaming machines, pool table, and jukebox are owned by a local gaming company. Rick agrees to sign a Non-Compete Agreement.

Any potential investor/buyer must sign a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement and will need to show financial proof of purchasing power or a pre-approval document from a lending institution before any business records/financials will be revealed.



Call Rick direct at 715-216-3692 for more info.